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Wedding Dress Size Guide

  • A. Shoulder Width

    Measure across upper back from end of one shoulder bone (top of arm) to the other shoulder bone (top of arm). It's important to stand with your usual posture and shoulder position.

  • B. Nipples Distance

    The distance is from the left apical nipple to the dexter apical nipple.

  • C. Bust

    Around the fullest part of bust. It is important to wear a bra to be accurate.

  • D. Waist

    Around narrowest part of waist.

  • E. Hip

    Around fullest part of hips. Please be sure you take the largest measurement in this area.

  • F. Arm Length

    Measure from top of the shoulder straight down to the wrist

  • G. Upper Arm Size

    Around fullest part of upper arm

  • H. Arm Circumference

    This is Armpit Circumference at the upper arm.

  • I. Shoulder to Floor (over bust)

    1.Wear a bra

    2.Measure in bare feet

    3.From top of shoulder, down over the tip of one breast and down to the floor.

  • J. Shoulder to Knee (over bust)

    From top of shoulder, down over the tip of one breast and down to your knee.

  • K. Height

    Without shoes, begin at the top of head and pull tape straight down to the floor (your standard height measurement).

To fit high heels, we will add an extra 5-8cm for custom-sized floor-length dresses and dresses with trains