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Jewelry Maintenance Tips

999 Pure Gold
Contains 99.9% pure gold jewellery components; generally engraved with "Pure Gold", "Au999.9" or "999.9" printed word.

"Pt" is the chemical element symbol. Two kinds of platinum are available in the market platinum gold and 950 platinum. The content of platinum not less than 990 thousand points is engraved with "Pt990" or "platinum gold". While the content of platinum not less than 950 thousand points is engraved with "Pt950" or "Platinum 950".

Currently used for production of platinum jewellery inlay are Pt950, Pt900 and Pt850.

18K Gold
Refer to the composition that contains 75% pure gold jewellery. Jewellery labels and seals are Au750, G750 or 18K.

Silver 925
With 92.5% of silver content. The rest (7.5%) refers to other precious metals. Customary inscription "Silver 925" or "S925".
Maintenance of Common Precious Metal Jewellery

●  Avoid wearing jewellery while doing housework or heavy work.
●  Avoid wearing jewellery to contact with corrosive acid, alkali and other chemicals, such as perfume, cosmetics, bleach, and so on, to prevent damage from corrosion.
●  Sweat sometimes erodes precious metal jewellery. Better to wipe the jewellery with soft and slightly damp towel after wearing, particularly during summer.
●  Chemical change takes place when gold is placed in contact with silver jewellery and mercury. Better to wear and store these metals separately.
●  Pay attention to the jewellery storage to ensure avoidance of collision and scratched.
●  Maintain the luster of the jewellery with regular cleaning. Avoid using toothpaste and detergent with abrasives to clean gold, silver and precious stones and jewellery, because many of them contain soda or other high-hardness abrasive, which scratch the precious stones, gold and silver jewellery, and possibly more seniors’ serious damage.
●  Pay special attention to the conservation of precious metals jewellery, especially for those made with complicated craft. Hollow pendant, hollow bracelet, dragon bracelet, gold ornaments, and so on. Do not wear jewellery when swimming, bathing and sleeping. Do not pull out ornaments (especially pure gold jewellery).
●  Once the jewellery is damaged, seek professional help.
●  The hardness of pure gold is relatively low. Wear with care.